I nuovi trend: la guida enogastronomica.

di limbranauta

“And this is Torbolino. This wine is made in Rialto Bridge, near the St Mark’s Horses in Pisa near Burano Island, with the colored houses and people in various disguise with Buranelli Biscuits, made in Padua. This is a typical cicchetto: tomato cheese with Tomato Biscuits and a glass of Tavernello, made in the South of Hitali, Berlin. Taste this “folpetto”, please! It’s fully chinese. If you drop it in will splash… but in a few seconds it will reshape as ti was! Wanderful China, wonderful silicon! Now let’s try pizza, a typical venetian recipe. They make it in Murano Island, in a typical venetian bridge. Bridges? They are a lot, sir. Maybe 89087, something like that.”